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    A book by Joshua Clover, an academic poet, author among others of Totality for Kids, featuring stuff like this:

    1989 is a speculative essay on the symbol of 1989 as a year as seen through changes inculcated in pop music simultaneous to the collapse of the Soviet Union. I love sentences in the book like "It’s a kind of idealism, with pop as an autonomous actor haunting the wings until the times comes round for its aria. Why should we not think it’s empire singing, using a pop song as its prosthetic throat?” Lots of funny passages like that in the book, which I read in part years ago when Clover leaked parts of the book on a now defunct blog (Jane Dark's Sugar Rush). Back then, I even based some of my writing on Clover's: and

    are my essays, and "essays" they are, as nothing more ever came of them!

    I hope to get more into this book in the coming days.

    A talk with Clover on riots:

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    Einstein on marxology:
    "In the realm of the seekers after truth there is no human authority.
    Whoever attempts to play the magistrate there founders on the laughter of the Gods."

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