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Thread: What is the scariest theory to an Youth from below Society?

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    Default What is the scariest theory to an Youth from below Society?

    Despite of my accepting Rosa's Anti-Theory. But after one year of my contact to many youth students coming from working class or White collar or Blue collar society, I still see the demands for not only theory but also riddle solving in social activities.

    Classes from below are easily most revolutionary force but also are preys for many reactionary forces as traditionalism or extreme nationalism and multi-media marketers.

    They are not doubt about the existing of their's own mind. But they are easily doubt anything outside of their's mind. So there is war between the external world's versions, all reactionary or opportunist forces are trying to take the heart of working class.

    That is why somehow I see the important of Wittgenstein's critique of Solipsism [learning Rosa].

    This phenomenon happened not only from an youth from Rich Family but also Poor Family. People seemly always say that you may be the only conscious being in the whole universe, and also, don't believe the existence of the world. And young mans can create it by their own mind. The world can be change by changing your mind. That is the poison which are infecting all Vietnamese youths, I am very scared of this.

    Everybody, everything you see or listen or speak or feel is just your imagination. In fact, your sorrows or sufferings is your fault, is just a dream, bad dream...

    My generation is the last generation in Vietnam which haven't been affected by Movies contenting. Never before the movies will affect the mind of young people more than any theories, and somehow theories will have to depend on the media products.

    Many youths in Vietnam or Asian [ex: Japan] are accepting the idea that maybe we are on our way to a distant star or different world. So commit suicide is a choice to escape the Capitalist reality or using your family's money to escape reality as long as you can [even youths from working class also are victims of this idea].


    It can't be disproved. It's unfalsifiable or verificationable.

    And more nightmares, Taoism, Buddhism and Confusianism or even Maosim and Stalinism or Anti-Communism in Asia are all supporting Solipsism.

    I am tired and very terrible these. Some even say that solipsism can be used for good purposes or greater of good, like not caring what other people think. and also it can be used for very bad purposes.

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    Default Re: What is the scariest theory to an Youth from below Society?

    I think you are stressing yourself out needlessly over this stuff by upholding a certain social ideal to which other people will never be able to fully live up to. But I understand why that is an incredibly frustrating thing. The best way I know of dealing with it is to try to come to a proper understanding of why people behave in certain ways that, from your own position, appear irrational.

    Fortunately there's are whole disciplines devoted to studying exactly that, namely sociology and anthropology. One my personal favorites is Bourdieu, and I suggest you give him a try as well as it might help relieve some of the frustration you have and the stress that causes you.

    Here's one you might enjoy (PDF): Men and Machines

    The basic point is that these ideas are fundamentally social, arising out of a specific set of conditions. So rather than being frustrated about their irrationality in terms of content, being aware of their production can help alleviate your worry about the former.

    Just some thoughts I had.
    To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer,
    Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing end them.

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