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Forum Rules
Basic Rights of Members
1. All members of this community have the right to participate in all aspects of the community. They are allowed to post in all forums, they are allowed to join any open group, they are allowed to become Moderators and Administrators, they are allowed to vote in the Members Forum after 10 posts if they have not been barred (see: Opposing Views, article 1 and 2), they are allowed to use any function that is available to the general membership. This right is not something to be gained or granted - it is the basic right of all members. However, it is a right that can be lost (see: Basic and General Rules).

2. All members of this community have the right to appeal bans (unless they have violated any of the basic rules, see: Basic Rules; or they have attempted to circumvent their ban by creating a sock puppet) by sending an email to the Administrator or Moderator who banned them, who then has to start a thread including the email in the Members Forum so that the membership can either ratify the ban or overturn it through its democratic processes (see: Members Forum, article 1).

3. All members of this community are equal to each other. Administrators, Moderators and regular members are all subjected to the same Rules & Guidelines.

4. In order to maintain the forum as a community open to all and thereby ensure its democratic and inclusive nature, members retain the right to not be confronted with any form of social prejudice (sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and others), including demeaning language or imagery, in a systematic fashion (meaning when articles 1 and 2 of the General Rules are not being properly enforced).

5. All Administrators and Moderators are directly elected by the members and serve a maximum of two consecutive terms, while being subject to recall at all times (see: Members Forum, article 1; The Administration).
For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!