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  1. 2009 In Film
  2. Copenhagen response 'pathetic'
  3. Scientists call for code review
  4. We cannot buy Earth more time
  5. Warm world will be more fragrant
  6. Climate scepticism 'on the rise'
  7. Russia 'dumped waste in Baltic'
  8. Climate e-mails inquiry under way
  9. What music are you listening to?
  10. UN panel will give $126b for climate
  11. The Oscars
  12. Shutter Island (film)
  13. Shakespeare is f'ing great
  14. Cancer spread by oral sex rapidly rising...
  15. Barack Obama eases offshore oil drilling ban
  16. Alcest
  17. Nuclear Power - a safe sustainable option?
  18. GM Food debate
  19. Parental care linked to homosexuality
  20. The G-spot 'doesn't appear to exist', say researchers
  21. Fantastic Art
  22. Prince of Wales Trophy and Mass Miss Opinion
  23. Racist Story Gets Black Woman Fired - culture of misdirects
  24. How to be fully renewable in 10 years [Australia]
  25. ‘Survival of fittest’ is disputed
  26. Astronomers discover large exo-solar system
  27. Almost 500,000 new sex infections in UK last year
  28. Chomsky on pornography
  29. Art and Social Life
  30. Our Bodies, Ourselves and Our Bodies, Our Blog
  31. Vaccines, circumcision, flu shot, attachment/natural parenting,...
  32. Playing though injury/ies and especially at the pro level
  33. 19 Kids and Counting
  34. An Anthropologistc's Take on Homemaking
  35. Shaving
  36. Was Barack Obama Breastfed?
  37. My communist youtube video
  38. Circumcision helps stop wart virus, study finds
  39. Japanese teens not interested in sex
  40. University of California scientists bend light to create the invisible
  41. Of Mice and Men
  42. When all the crap began
  43. Incinerators
  44. Marijuana use rising in U.S., national survey shows
  45. A beer a day keeps the doctor away
  46. Your favorite films
  47. 9/11 truthers (Loose Change makers) get owned in debate
  48. The Case For Socialism by Alan Maass
  49. Leftist Music
  50. Political Images
  51. Changes in Chinese porn
  52. The Communist BOINC team
  53. Socialism Vids for the General Public
  54. Black Metal and its Effects on Society?
  55. Film: Stachka (Strike)
  56. CrimeThinc "Work"
  57. Soviet Curtural Totalitarianism
  58. Canada Pulls out of Kyoto protocol
  59. New Vaccine for HIV to be Trialed on Humans
  60. Melting Glaciers might cut Peru's water supply
  61. Time Cloak Created
  62. Myth of Reneable energy
  63. The Accordion Family
  64. Copyright issues in Youtube for Soviet Era movies
  65. Free Software and communism
  66. Songs that get you right there
  67. What games are you playing at the moment?
  68. Cispa
  69. Dylan poem summing up life
  70. Levon RIP
  71. Organics can't match fertilizer based farming
  72. Monsanto uses Indian daily to write fake news about BT cotton
  73. The Man From Earth
  74. How We Die
  75. Footprint of God particle discovered
  76. Where the fuck is the Society going ?
  77. Don't eat mushrooms
  78. What's happening inside your stomach
  79. Woodie Guthrie was a racist and we should all hate him
  80. Pablo Escobar
  81. Slaughter at Batman movie
  82. Help me learn to appreciate rap or hip-hop
  83. What's with all the hugging?
  84. Air Pollution
  85. Pussy Riot makes good music
  86. PCI: Party Like It's 1969
  87. What constitutes art?
  88. Why does the left treat Muslim and Christian fundamentalists differently?
  89. coursera
  90. What are your favorite TV shows?
  91. The Family Reunion
  92. Whats a good source for general marxist/communist analysis of art?
  93. Epiphany regarding folk music
  94. The Keffiyeh
  95. Richard Lewontin on Race, Zionism and Jewish Identity
  96. A poem
  97. The effect of plankton on politics
  98. Film Theory
  99. Oliver Stone's Untold History of America
  100. The Master, the perfect anti-sectist film
  101. Horst Wessel in LA
  102. Which font do you prefer to use?
  103. What do you think of Howard Stern?
  104. Destroying the myth of the rational person
  105. Rasputin vs Stalin
  106. The Road to Wigan Pier
  107. Your favorite playwright(s)
  108. A Movie Review
  109. The true story behind Aladdin
  110. Breaking The Set
  111. Iain Banks dies
  112. Great news, if true
  113. 'Tisted light' speeds up data transmission
  114. Good docu on Woodie Guthrie
  115. The Bowl and the Laser Bat
  116. Bone marrow 'frees men of HIV drugs'
  117. Tiny stem-cell livers grown in laboratory
  118. Christopher Ricks on the Poetry of Bob Dylan
  119. A New, Cheap Source of Power?
  120. Shelley's Masque of Anarchy
  121. Primitive human society 'not driven by war'
  122. Documentary showing the lives of the 1%
  123. Yet more cover-ups at Fukushima
  124. Watching the corruption of Washington
  125. Worlds first artificial beef burger
  126. Baconian Science
  127. New antibiotic that attacks MRSA found in ocean microbe
  128. Crowdfunding movies, shifting the risk to the consumer
  129. How Capitalism is turning the internet against Democracy
  130. Selfish traits not favoured by evolution, study shows
  131. Words
  132. The Man in the White Suit, spoiler
  133. Gaming that project revolutionary ideas
  134. Best novels/novellas you've ever read
  135. Valve: How going boss-free empowered the games-maker
  136. The end of Breaking Bad and Dexter, and some Game of Thrones too
  137. The death of literature and the Nobel Prize
  138. Yet another reason to defund pomo-dominated literature departments
  139. Great movie scenes
  140. Blow to multiple human species idea
  141. The eternal life
  142. Mother Meki: My Novel Trilogy
  143. Russel Brand is pretty cool, and on his way out of celebrity
  144. The Zizek song
  145. Define folk music
  146. What to do with churches after the videogame vanguard takes the reigns
  147. New Left Orientated Arts Programme
  148. Recently watched movies
  149. IQ Tests 'Fundamentally Flawed'
  150. Cult Leader Thinks He's Jesus
  151. The Sorrows of Young Werther
  152. A Creative Synthesis Achieved in Literature
  153. Dead music
  154. Is the State a virus?
  155. Amusing interactive video for Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone
  156. What are your criteria for good music?
  157. 'Memories' pass between generations
  158. USA's Hidden Epidemics
  159. Hydrogen squeezed from stone could be new energy source
  160. Neanderthals could speak like humans, study suggests
  161. Funding Climate Change Denial
  162. Rise in suicide rates in US
  163. McDonald's to workers: skip the fast food, it's not healthy
  164. Communist Art
  165. NI state papers: Files Reveal Secret Dumping of Radioactive Waste
  166. Big Problems for Fox News
  167. New battery to store energy from intermittent sources
  168. The NSA’s Been Inserting Tiny Circuit Boards Into Thousands of Computers for Years
  169. Corporate Deregulation To Blame for Toxic Spill in West Virginia
  170. King Joffrey's Marxian analysis of celebrity culture
  171. Has the Sun gone to sleep?
  172. The British amateur who debunked the mathematics of happiness
  173. The art hated by Nazis
  174. Why I write for an essay mill
  175. US folk singer Pete Seeger dies
  176. Yet more 'good news' from the UK nuclear industry
  177. Net neutrality in action
  178. Stem-Cell Resarch
  179. The hidden costs of the nucelar industry
  180. Nothing To Hide
  181. I know it's a few years ago, but here's Mark Steel at his best
  182. What happens to art in the age of mechanical production?
  183. Nostalgia galore
  184. The Marat-Sade
  185. Michael Jackson was a disgusting creep
  186. Without the state, you're all doomed!
  187. North American scientists track incoming Fukushima plume
  188. If you live in or near Baltimore, USA
  189. On Exactitude in Science
  190. New magnetic material discovered
  191. Americans are strange
  192. Dungeness B: Flood safety fears shut nuclear reactors
  193. New documentary on Chomsky, Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?
  194. Great documentary on basic school in Japan
  195. Revolutionary Socialist gun 'zine - "The Socialist Gun Review"
  196. Tipping culture...
  197. Famous literary goofs
  198. H L Mencken
  199. Futuristic Achitecture
  200. A Hilarious Vine
  201. futuristic rats
  202. Disturbing facts about Chernobyl
  203. Latest from Mark Steel
  204. Sophie Scholl
  205. Hubble Deep Space Probe
  206. The Making of Oliver Stone's "Untold History of the United States"
  207. Snapchat Had the Frattiest Creation in Startup History
  208. Vice Meets Superstar Communist Slavoj Zizek
  209. The Grand Budapest Hotel
  210. Gwyneth Paltrow explains why water just doesn't like bad vibes
  211. Documentary about the state of the American working class
  212. We Are Many
  213. Any Writers Around Here?
  214. Facing Left
  215. Chimpanzee language: Communication gestures translated
  216. The Three Keys to Happiness
  217. Wittgensteinian take on jealousy
  218. The natural, the supernatural, and the nature of science
  219. Catholic Art
  220. Art
  221. The dramatic insufferability of pomo artists
  222. Good Morning Vietnam
  223. Humans Need Not Apply
  224. The Most Interesting Man in the World
  225. The Wall of Wall Street - psychology, cultural, artistic analysis and theory
  226. Good movies not made by hollywood
  227. how to deal with statistics ?
  228. Is observational science better than historical science? by Donald R. Prothero
  229. The Sublime Art of Sandwich Making
  230. Elevation
  231. climate change
  232. The Poetry Thread -- For original submissions only.
  233. What are you reading thread
  234. Princeton scientists observe elusive particle that is its own antiparticle
  235. Karl Marx’s Life and Legacy, in a Comic
  236. Busy Earnin'
  237. Giant comet to pass Mars for the first time in a million years
  238. The power of culture/tradition
  239. Powerful cartoon from the Halifax Chronicle-Herald
  240. Need Film Theory help!
  241. Researchers Have Found That Plants Know They Are Being Eaten
  242. This Beautiful Linguistic Family Tree
  243. The Last Internationale -- A New Revolutionary Socialist Group
  244. UK Wind Power Outstrips Nuclear
  245. Theoretical Physicist Lawrence Krauss: 'Religion Could Be Gone in a Generation'
  246. Duke's Paul Henne gives philosophy to the masses in bite-sized animated videos
  247. The Myth of Human Progress
  248. The Origin of the Number Zero
  249. Interview With The Last Internationale
  250. This Is What Our Cities Would Look Like Without Light Pollution