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  1. Existentialism Is a Humanism, by Sartre
  2. A historical question on Northern Ireland
  3. The Holocaust Industry
  4. Reply to a national chauvinist
  5. Marriage
  6. "True" Socialism - principles
  7. Democracy - how do we define it within the revolution?
  8. Noplace Technology - anonymity is the void of Leftist culture
  9. The role of 'violence' in social change? [SPLIT]
  10. China as number one? Remember Japan in the ’80s
  11. Revleft supporting pedophilia
  12. Pedophilia, Oppression and the Left
  13. Feminism
  14. religion among leftists on revforum
  15. Splits and fusion
  16. The "New Atheist" movement, where ignorance reigns supreme
  17. What is dialectics?
  18. Uncertainty
  19. Debunking a myth: What did Lenin mean when he applied the term "state capitalism"?
  20. Rome and Carthage
  21. Fetishizing the working-class
  22. A Marxist culture free from the taint of Stalinism
  23. Should have the U.S. bank bail-outs occurred?
  24. Interesting Zizek videos
  25. Volume 1
  26. Hinduism
  27. Afghanistan's Middle Class
  28. Zeitgeist Movement
  29. Chomsky or structuralism on linguistics?
  30. Chomsky on libertarianism, Ayn Rand, Nozick etc.
  31. Presentation on Frederic Douglass and his speech on the 4th of July
  32. Lenin and Smith on "Overripeness" - Did Smith Predict the Future?
  33. Religion in Society
  34. Karl Marx favored slavery!
  35. Anarchism and its Effects on the Left
  36. Biological Warfare
  37. Suicide
  38. My own theory: Is Communism the future (the abstract way)
  39. Anonymous Survival Guide for Citizens in a Revolution
  40. Sartre and Terror
  41. Class Based Divisionism
  42. "Caesarism" in 19th-century German literature: wrong?
  43. The ironic triumph of 'old Bolshevism' (and the troika)
  44. Trotsky's "Permanent Revolution" contempt for the peasantry?
  45. Economic Consititutionalism?
  46. Christian Socialism and violent revolution
  47. A Great Learning Resource
  48. Overcoming fear and despair
  49. Personal pronouns, identity politics and patriarchy
  50. Why all Philosophical Theories are Non-Sensical
  51. stakhanovism
  52. La Violencia
  53. Too much ideology
  54. Anti-Technocracy and the Anarchist Within
  55. Anglican Priest suggests Jesus was gay
  56. The Workers' Government: Fiction, Pseudonym or Transition?
  57. "Labour monarchy": strawman?
  58. Debunking economics and its nonsense
  59. Discussion regarding Work/Left wing activism [Split from Introductions]
  60. US inequality In Education & US foreign intervention.
  61. Some questions for Rosa
  62. Postmodernism
  63. Question about materialism
  64. Macnair: Luxemburg's [heroic] life and her [sectarian] legacy
  65. Trotsky's grandson recalls ice pick killing
  66. Guess the author of this quote...
  67. Quine's rejection of the epistemological value in an analytic/synthetic distinction
  68. March on Rome: precedent to modern approaches on seizing power?
  69. "Marxism is an outdated theory"
  70. I was just BANNED from www.historum.com/
  71. An interesting story by Russell, 'The Metaphysician's Nightmare'
  72. A conservative history of the United States by the New Yorker
  73. Historian Eric Hobsbawm dies, aged 95
  74. Discussion split from Marxism is outdated
  75. History of Saudi Arabia
  76. Freudo-Marxism
  77. Another reason why I hate postmodernism
  78. Defend the Labour Theory of Value by solving this little riddle...
  79. Putting the soviet union aside and all
  80. Class struggle within socialism (1830-1914)
  81. Artificial Intelligence Philosophically
  82. How do you reconcile the plurality of reasonable views with your own beliefs?
  83. Cool documentary on Woody Guthrie
  84. Nassim Taleb
  85. 'Determinism'
  86. Shop Class as Soulcraft
  87. Animal rights and revolutionary politics.
  88. Marx and the US Civil War
  89. Advice on a philosophy society.
  90. Sohn-Rethel
  91. Two Pictures of the Metaphysical Subject
  92. Nominalism or realism?
  93. Propositions
  94. Objection to universal healthcare/healthcare as a human right
  95. Your views about Putnam, Levinson, Grice, Nagel, Searle, Kripke and Davidson
  96. Richard Dawkins outs himself as against abortion.
  97. There Is No Progress In Philosophy
  98. How can ethics not be nonsensical like religion and aesthetics ?
  99. "We had to drop the atom bomb to end the war"
  100. Is Marxism a religion? (In some cases)
  101. Why should a communist be against activities like prostitution?
  102. Alain Soral on feminism.
  103. Egalitarianism as a moral ideal
  104. Cultural Hegemony and the Internet
  105. Home/Land ownership vs. subjugation to rentism/landlordism
  106. Yet another debate about dialectics
  107. Lewis' extensionalist philosophy
  108. Kripke's Wittgenstein
  109. Power is in fascism. Absolute power is in free market fascism.
  110. Quine and Wittgenstein on rules
  111. Likely the most moronic argument against Marxism
  112. Chomsky's Linguistics
  113. Lee Smolin on Time/Physics
  114. Persecution of the Bourgeoisie
  115. First hand accounts and specific statistics about life in the Soviet Union?
  116. Hegel
  117. Bad Samaritans the myth of free trade
  118. Hessen
  119. Resources
  120. Actions
  121. Great article on Scientology and the 'apostate' Paul Haggis; similar to sectism
  122. Chomsky on Zizek
  123. Black zionists debating a Muslim
  124. Technocratic Postcapitalist Theory
  125. Question for Production for Use on anthropology
  126. Wittgenstein's later work and hermeneutics; two traditions overlapping?
  127. If People Refused To Recognize the Value Of Money...
  128. Chomsky on NAFTA, free trade, etc.
  129. Can a religious studies scholar write about Jesus if he happens to not be Christian?
  130. Peter Singer on Hegel (and Marx)
  131. Language may be ~10x older than previously thought
  132. Theory and imperialism
  133. The Singularity, and why Ray Kurzweil is a hack
  134. Gellner on Wittgenstein
  135. How a fat libertarian makes a living
  136. St. Thomas, the guy after whom the phrase 'doubting Thomas' was coined
  137. First Response To Anti Dialectics Site
  138. Marx in Paris 1871
  139. After The Class War
  140. Ignorant Criticisms of Anarchism
  141. Which political group are you?
  142. An example of postmodern 'scholarly' work
  143. The Paranoid Style in American Politics
  144. Weber, “Objectivity” in Social Science
  145. Habermas, Democracy, Solidarity And The European Crisis
  146. E. H. Carr, extracts from 'What is History?'
  147. The Fishmonger and the Cobbler
  148. Second Response To Anti-Dialectics Site
  149. What point is Wittgenstein trying to make with the duckrabbit example?
  150. Re: Understanding Das Kapital
  151. Wittgenstein and the Pavlov-reflex
  152. Good interview on race, the 'black bourgeoisie', etc.
  153. The People's Automobile: The Decline of America's Trolley System
  154. A new biography of Karl Marx
  155. Was Sraffa a Marxist?
  156. Amoeba, here's your chance!
  157. Foucault, Discursive Formations
  158. Communism
  159. Marx and Wittgenstein, or other Marxist theories of language
  160. Message to Richard Dawkins: 'Islam is not a race' is a cop out
  161. Nietzsche, On the Use and Abuse of History
  162. John Searle - Foucault and Bourdieu on continental obscurantism
  163. Rant
  164. Misogyny and New Atheism
  165. Judeo-Christianity
  166. Good biography of Wittgenstein, particularly his stay in Soviet Union
  167. definition of an alive human
  168. Sellars, Brandom and McDowell: mixing Hegel with Wittgenstein?
  169. How a charlatan made millions
  170. Philosophy videos/lectures
  171. How conservative is Marxism?
  172. Flying Dialectical Saucers
  173. On Frege's 'third realm'
  174. What did Wittgenstein mean by...
  175. Thoughts on the American war for independence?
  176. The governmental form of worker-class rule: ("Class") War Cabinets?
  177. What type of income earners do you view as enemies?
  178. If you criticize cats you're sexist
  179. Socialization of Finance
  180. Can you be too left-wing?
  181. Can atheist church survive schism?
  182. Tories try to re-write the history of WW1
  183. What is humor?
  184. Modern Uncle Toms
  185. Post-structuralist engineer blamed for bridge disaster
  186. Foucault, Why Study Power? The Question of the Subject
  187. Isandlwana: The defeat that stunned Victorian Britain
  188. The delusions of the Cybernetic Totalists
  189. Innocent until proven guilty in a court of law; anyone here disagree with that?
  190. Hegel and Zeitgeist
  191. Idealism V. Realism V. Nominalism V. Phenomenology
  192. Bourdieu, The Forms of Capital
  193. Marxism, Leninism and Marxist -Leninism
  194. No more revolutions
  195. What makes capitalism capitalism?
  196. The notions of growth and progress
  197. Death penalty
  198. Keep your hands off my cultural capital!
  199. Principle of charity
  200. The French Revolution
  201. Once again, cultural capital at work
  202. Wittegenstein and Phenomenology
  203. Wittgenstein and Hume
  204. Kronstadt
  205. The War That Never Ends
  206. Plato's Theaetetus excerpt video
  207. The first American terrorist
  208. Albert Camus.... anybody like him?
  209. Meaning as use and the 'unspeakable'
  210. Spengler
  211. Marcuse's critique of language philosophy
  212. William of Ockham v. Rosa Lichtenstein
  213. Some Remarks of Philosophy in Vietnam.
  214. Nations or Corporations?
  215. "Democracy"
  216. The MECWs will no longer appear in www.marxists.org
  217. Kripke and Wittgenstein, what is the relation between their views?
  218. the wonders of war
  219. Wittgenstein on Freud
  220. Top 10 Strangest Philosophies
  221. The theory of Daniel De Leon
  222. New Biography of Eleanor Marx
  223. The Twenty-Five Years of Philosophy's Review
  224. Marx’s Discourse with Hegel: Review of John Higgins
  225. Nominal's argument with 'Wittgenstein'
  226. Need recommend about Karl Kautsky's classic book on Christianity.
  227. Feuerbach, Stirner, Marx & Engels, Nietzsche & Schopenhauer until Wittgenstein
  228. Untold History: Early US Imperialism, Hitler, Roosevelt, The Spanish Civil War
  229. Nietzsche
  230. Holodomor
  231. Exiting the Vampire Castle
  232. Marcuse lecture, The End of Utopia
  233. How to speak and write postmodern
  234. Documentary on lost MLK speech footage
  235. Is metaphysics inherently anti-materialist?
  236. Bourdieu documentary, Sociology is a martial art
  237. Our Libertarian Age (or: The withering of the will to inquire)
  238. Guy DeBord, Nietzsche, Isaiah Berlin, Teilhard De Chardin
  239. Chomsky on some dogmas in language philosophy
  240. Atheists, again....... Its History, Introduce books
  241. Is There an END to History? (Hegel) - 8-Bit Philosophy
  242. For Noam Chomsky's Linguistic program and his Politics as whole
  243. The insanity of the NRA, and some thoughts on ethics
  244. 40 Helpful Tips For Anti-Communists
  245. Wittgenstein and Cantor
  246. should i really read das capital ?
  247. Distinction Nonsense/Senseless in Wittgenstein's Tractatus
  248. Distinction Sense/Nonsense in Wittgenstein's Investigations
  249. MBTI, Socionics, and other "Typology"
  250. Introduction to the Reading of Hegel by Kojeve